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Ready to change your life? 

Here's my "FIT FIVE" fitness principles that you'll master as a FBC client: 

  1. The best fitness plan is the one you can sustain for life. Your workouts don't need to change every week, and you don't have kill yourself. But, you do need to challenge yourself. 

  2. The best diet is the one that isn't a diet. You will learn how to prepare (and occasionally order 😉)  foods you enjoy in a healthier way. 

  3. Fat loss (or weight gain) is a by-product of your daily routine. Change your habits, change your outcomes. 

  4. It's easy to be fit when it's easy to be fit. How will you remain consistent when it's hard? We must make the mindset shift to remain consistent when it's hard.  

  5. Simple is sustainable. Fitness is supposed to be a positive addition to your life, not another source of stress. We'll work together to make fitness "fit" into your life.  See what I did there? 😁
Does all this sound like what you're looking for? If yes, please complete the coaching inquiry below. After that, I'll contact you to schedule a call to discuss the program. 

SUCCESS! Please check your email for next steps. 

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