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Are you ready to change your life?

I can show you how to make yourself a priority again and repair your health, your body, and your diet FOR GOOD! ​

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Hi, I'm Crystal and I'm a
recovering "self-neglecter."

You're here... so I know you can relate.

You're living off of "takeout" food because you're too busy to cook. 

  • You're tired all the time, you're stressed, and your periods take you out! 

  • You know you need to workout, but you just can't see how to make that a part of your life right now. 

  • You are so busy taking care of everyone/everything else, that you have completely neglected yourself. 

  •  You think everything would be better if you weren't so stressed, busy, and overwhelmed. But I'm here to tell you, that's not the actual issue. 


But don't worry... I GOT YOU.


FBC can help.

This is a "high-touch" program unlike anything else on the market. You'll be working with ME, you'll have daily contact with ME, and you'll be supported throughout the process by your tribe and me. 

You'll receive: 

Education: Not only the essentials of nutrition and exercise… but the systems/routines that allow you to make them sustainable. 

Support: Access to me (and your tribe) any time through our private client app. And having people who can relate to your journey has been so valuable to my clients.

Accountability: Weekly coaching calls where we set goals for the week, and follow up on your goals from the previous week.

Resources: Weekly meal prep recipes, kitchen “clean ups,”  live and on-demand exercise programs, cooking demos, and more!

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Here's what makes my coaching different: 

What my clients have to say:


What if it all worked out? 

+ What if you lost the weight? How would your life change? 

+ What if you ate healthier food AND actually enjoyed the taste? 

+ What if you felt better, had more energy, and got more sleep?

+ What if you got out of the "danger zone" with your health issues? 

It has happened for my clients and it WILL happen for you too. 



Yes, I want to apply for coaching.

I'm ready to take that next step. 

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